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How to use the Logo Design File Formats

(Everything you need to know the Logo file formats)

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When you hire a logo design Singapore freelancer to design your business logo, at project completion your logo designer would have provided your logo in different file formats. You might be wondering what to do with the different file formats, confused why are there so many file formats. If you are unsure of the file formats then this article is for you.

Logo Design in Singapore

Using the correct image format for the right job means your design output will be perfect. A poor image, blurred print or a missing picture in your online web use means you have used a wrong image format. Let’s first identify the final logo deliverable which will be shared by most of the freelancers before learning about the usage.

Image File Formats

  1. JPEG

  2. PNG

  3. TIFF

  4. GIF

  5. PSD or AI

  6. EPS

  7. PDF

The above file formats can be identified with the extensions in the last for example. XYZCompanyLogo.pdf, XYZCompanyLogo.png etc.

Which file format should I use for digital images?

JPEG or PNG files can be used for any digital images/ formats online. JPEG files can be compressed to a considerable size however too much of compression can lead to pixelated output. You can use JPEG for online images which need faster downloading. A high resolution JPEG file can be used for printing and JPEG images can be compressed to a very small size and can be used for emailing or for a quick preview. When you need a web graphic with transparent background then JPEG is not useful because of its solid background colors.

PNG images are best suited for any background because of its transparency. If you would like to put up your logo in colored backgrounds or you use your logo to put on top of any picture then PNG file format is recommended. PNG files can be compressed without losing quality. Use PNG files to put your logo on

  1. Websites

  2. Browser Favicon

  3. PPT presentation slides

  4. Blogs

  5. Pictures

  6. Social Media posts

  7. Social Media cover photos

Subraa, Logo Designer in Singapore provides logo final files deliverables for both web and print, which means the web images are of small size and can be used easily for any online purpose.

What is the use of AI and EPS Files?

These files are used for printing and editing purposes. Commonly referred to as working files, these files are easily scalable for print. These files are editable in Adobe Illustrator and can be used for printing large billboards to banners. These files require Adobe Illustrator to view and edit.

Can I use PDF for printing?

Of Course you can use PDF for printing, few printers prefer to use PDF files for printing, they are easy to read and can be used in different backgrounds. Adobe Photoshop or AI files can easily be exported to a pdf file compatible for printing.

The right file formats if used on proper materials would bring out a good result. Choosing a PNG file of your logo to be used in different backgrounds is a good option rather than placing a logo with a background which stands odd. Always check with your logo designer for the various file formats, a professional logo designer in Singapore would deliver the above files as part of the logo deliverable. In my next article, I will write more about CMYK and RGB, which format should be chosen for printing etc. Stay tuned to my blog for some useful tips on logo design and web design.

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